Kate Teague – Low Life

KAte Teague - Low Life

July  19th, 2018

Written by Charlie Leeson

We don’t know much about Kate Teague, other than that she was raised Mobile, Alabama, and is now based in Oxford, Mississippi, where she formed local favourites Reels and, following their disbanding, is now prepping her debut full-length record which will be released later on this year via the ever-excellent Muscle Beach label.

All of which is distinctly uniform information when compared to the alluring glow of said record’s lead track, the dazzling Low Life which premiered on Gorilla Vs Bear last week and seems to grow in stature with each passing listen. Led by a crystalline trickle of guitar, the song’s charm comes from the subtle adornments and, most pertinently, by Teague’s wonderful lead voice that takes on a character all of its own, swooning, heartfelt, and, seemingly, always just out of reach, wrapped up in its own cloud of mystery, despite the wholeheartedness of its display.

A captivating start-point, despite the ambiguous sheen of its noir-like romanticism, you can stream the new track below right now – be sure to keep your eyes and ears peeled for more news on the debut record.

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